Why choose rehab for alcohol deaddiction treatment?

March 26, 2024

Alcohol addiction is a condition in which a person has a severe urge or craving to drink again or more. Usually, individuals begin consuming alcohol for their namesake. However, once they are used to it, they start getting addicted. Rehabilitation treatment is what the individual needs to overcome this type of addiction. 

The answer to ‘Why choose rehab for alcohol addiction?’ will be self-understood when you get to know how serious alcoholism is. So, here are some frequently asked questions and answers to the risks associated with alcohol addiction. 

How can alcohol abuse affect our society as a whole?

Understanding the harmful facet of alcoholism

  1. How does alcohol affect the brain?

Being a neurotoxin, alcohol affects the brain cells in different ways, like inducing memory loss, poor communication signals, alteration in judgemental or decision-making skills, impairment in speech, mood swings, etc. 

  1. Is moderate drinking better than binge drinking?

In general, drinking causes health hazards, irrespective of the quantity. When you drink moderately, the risk is slightly moderate. Alternatively, when you binge drink, the risk is also worrisome. 


  1. What age group is most alcoholic?

It is not common in all countries. For example, in India, older adults in the age group 45–60 are mostly alcoholics. In the United States, young adults (age 26–29) are consuming more alcohol.  

  1. How many are alcoholics in India?

Two years ago, IndianExpress.com published an article saying that 18.7% of men and 1.3% of women in India are alcoholics. Also, it is found that rural citizens contribute to higher percentages in both men and women categories.     

  1. How long does the brain take to recover from alcohol?

Recent research findings prove that it takes at least two weeks of abstinence for brain cells to get back to normal. However, the brain cells can recover only if they sustain a particular level of alcoholism. Above that, they tend to die and we cannot recover them.  

  1. What are the major consequences of alcohol abuse?

Alcohol affects both physical and mental health. Stroke, liver diseases, blood pressure, memory loss, etc., are some of the major physical consequences. Stress, depression, arrogance, etc., are some of the mental consequences.  

  1. Does alcohol cause memory loss?

Increased consumption of alcohol may initially lead to memory lapses. Later, they turn into dementia and long-term memory loss. Experts say that the right treatment and medication at the right time can help reverse your short-term and long-term memory losses. 

The role of rehab in alcohol deaddiction treatment

A rehabilitation center or hospital, through psychiatrists, therapists, and specialized medical doctors, provides holistic care for both addiction and mental health disorders. Each deaddiction treatment is unique and for alcohol deaddiction, the treatment is much more specialized with evidence-based therapies, effective body detoxification methods, a supportive medical team, and a residential environment. All these facilitations promote perseverance for abstinence and deter the urge for relapse.     

Also, the rehab recommends long-term recovery, which could be the best medicine for alcohol de addiction. Notably, a long-term rehabilitation program will entail root cause analysis of addiction, effective symptom management, continuous support, gradual progress, and sustained and long-lasting recovery. This way, the patient can completely recover from his or her alcohol abuse and resume their life with sobriety forever.

However, if you’re not a binge drinker, these tips might be of good use to you to overcome addiction on your own. Check now!

The best alcohol de addiction rehabilitation center

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