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Our De-addiction branch offers specialised support programs and personalised care to help individuals overcome substance abuse and rebuild their lives.

Our Foundations and Commitment to our patients

Founded in 1991 by Late Dr. R. Gopalakrishnan under the ALR Trust, Naveen Hospital is dedicated to providing affordable and quality mental health care. Our comprehensive de-addiction program aims to help individuals recover from any type of addiction.

Our vision, Individualised and holistic care for all

At Naveen, we prioritise individualised and holistic care for patients of all ages. Our compassionate treatment approach ensures comfort and holistic solutions. With methodical and time-tested procedures in mental health, behavioural, de-addiction, and recovery programs, we have achieved excellent recovery rates and stand out in offering the best service.

Our mission, Promoting mental health and de-addiction awareness

Naveen Hospital is committed to raising awareness and providing access to mental health care and de-addiction services. We organize free mental awareness and treatment camps in rural areas surrounding Coimbatore to serve the general public. Our dedicated caregivers strive to deliver best-in-class treatment, ensuring patients receive the right help, support, and guidance for holistic well-being.

Meet our dedicated management team

Introducing our committed management team, who bring their expertise and leadership to ensure smooth operations, strategic planning, and continuous improvement, enabling us to provide exceptional services and care.

Late DR. R. Gopalakrishnan

MBBS, DPM - Founder

Founder Dr. R. Gopalakrishnan, a dedicated medical professional, founded Naveen Hospital in 1992 after serving in various healthcare roles. With his expertise in mental health, he laid the foundation for providing quality care. His contributions to esteemed hospitals in Coimbatore further enriched his experience.

Mrs. Anusuya Gopalakrishnan


A visionary and pillar of support for Dr. Gopalakrishnan, played a vital role in bringing her dream of a dedicated mental health hospital to life. Her involvement in all aspects, from construction to day-to-day operations, showcases her excellent management skills. Her guidance and inspiration continue to drive the institution's success.

MR. G. Vishnu Charan

Managing Director

An engineering and MBA professional, joined Naveen Hospital after returning from the USA. As the Managing Director, he spearheaded progressive developments, including Naveen Rehabilitation Center and Naveenam Center for Counselling. He finds fulfillment in directly impacting visitors and patients, positively influencing their lives.

Meet our skilled specialists that help provide quality care

Our team of highly skilled specialists who are dedicated to delivering top-quality care and expertise in their respective fields, ensuring you receive the best possible treatment and support.

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