Student internship and Training program

Explore our student internship and training program, a valuable opportunity for psychology, social work, and clinical nursing students at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels to gain practical experience and enhance their professional development.

Comprehensive Mental Health Care for All Disorders

We understand the unique challenges of mental health disorders. Our team is dedicated to provide the help and support that meets your specific needs.

Internship and Training Programs

We produce high-quality healthcare professionals through our renowned internship and training programs.

Available for psychology students, social work trainees, and clinical nursing students at all academic levels

Enhance practical skills and knowledge in a supportive learning environment.

One of the largest private service facilitators in India

We provide mental health training to students. The mission of the training programmes is imparting knowledge about various aspects of mental health to students.

Over 2000 students trained

Over 2000 students are utilizing our facilities every year. They are exposed to an ample training of diagnostic conditions in mental health, addiction and rehabilitation. Student are given lectures based on their requirements.

Completion Certificate after training

Naveen Hospital provides clinical training in psychiatry and de-addiction for students, emphasizing hands-on experience, community engagement, and soft skill development. Completion leads to a valuable certificate.

How to apply for Internship

Following are the steps you can follow to get Internship at Naveen

Step 1

Send an email to with student name, roll number, college/ university/ school, Degree/ Program, Year of study enrolled in

Step 2

Subject of the email : Internship request

Step 3

Attach a permission/request letter from the head of the college/school requesting for the internship for the student applying to the internship

Step 4

Mention the dates of internship requested

Step 5

Send a whatsapp message to +919843460660 with the same information.

For further details
Email :
We prefer whatsapp messages over calls

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