How to Stop Drinking on Your Own?

September 11, 2023

Lately, many people across nations, including men and women, have experienced heavy alcohol use. Because of such alcohol abuse, most of them have lost their jobs, relationships, money, and sometimes even their lives. Though these alcohol addicts try to quit drinking, it’s pathetic to see them fail and continue to fight alcohol consumption.

“It takes only one drink to get me drunk. But the problem is I can’t remember whether it’s the 13th or 14th.”

—George Burns, Late American Comedian

If you’re one such person still struggling with alcohol and unable to quit, then this blog is for you! Follow the steps, tips, and easy ways to stop drinking mentioned in this blog so you can easily overcome the influence of alcohol.

Different Ways to Stop Drinking on Your Own: Recommended by WebMD

We, at Naveen Hospital, have curated the different easy ways to stop drinking alcohol recommended by the leading health information provider, WebMD.

  • Have a plan for quitting alcohol: Talk to a medical practitioner, physician, family, or friend, and draft an alcohol-quitting plan that you can consider a guideline for the days to come. It can help align you on a daily and weekly basis with your goals.
  • Note the positives of being alcohol-free: Once you start quitting, you can start your self-realization toward positivity and sobriety. This can turn out to be your self-motivation throughout the rest of your journey.
  • Collaborate with sober social groups: Joining, collaborating with, and frequently communicating with sober social groups will help keep you under control and improve your plans on how to stop drinking on your own.
  • Share your goals with friends and family: Once you decide to cut back on alcohol, you can share this with people around you. They will definitely help and motivate you during your downtime.
  • Pinpoint and avoid your alcohol triggers: First, list down your triggers for alcohol use. Second, start avoiding them one by one. How do I overcome alcohol cravings?
  • Prepare answers when someone asks you to drink:
  • Prepare some scripts or answers, like:
  • No, thank you.
  • I’ve quit drinking already.
  • I’ve stopped consuming alcohol.
  • I don’t want ​​alcoholic beverages anymore.
  • Understand and smoothly handle your detoxification: During your journey toward overcoming alcohol, you may feel anxious, restless, etc. These are absolutely the symptoms of your body’s self-detoxification. So, positively acknowledge and handle such situations smoothly.

Naveen Hospital’s Expert’s Answers to “How to Quit Drinking Alcohol by Yourself?”

Naveen Hospital in Coimbatore stands as the epitome of successful 25+ years of excellent service in treating alcoholism. To help people dealing with alcohol on their own, expert psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, and other medical Doctors at the hospital have come forward and listed the following:

Five important and easy steps to give up alcohol on your own:

  • First of all, believe that you can overcome alcohol
  • As soon as you’ve accepted the fact that you’re an alcoholic or an alcohol addict, you have to accept and believe that you can quit alcohol.
  • Every day, when you wake up in the morning, say to yourself, “I believe I can quit drinking” and “I will quit sooner.”
  • Reduce alcohol consumption gradually
  • Analyze how much alcohol you drink currently and make a plan to reduce it gradually.
  • Improve by reducing the number every week and then monthly.
  • Realize your alcohol withdrawal symptoms
  • Alcohol deaddiction reactions may vary from one person to another. Some bodies may react adversely to deaddiction while others may not even show withdrawal. So better identify if your body is reacting or not, and if so, acknowledge it.
  • If you’re not aware of the signs of alcohol withdrawal, try to learn what recovery from alcoholism looks like.
  • Reiterate in your mind the benefits of stopping drinking
  • A person can cherish better sleep, an active mind, and body, peace in life, etc. when he or she stops drinking.
  • Reiterate these positive things in your mind every day until you experience each of them in your life.
  • Do not deprive yourself of relapse but stick to sobriety
  • Relapse is one barrier in every alcohol addict’s journey to attaining alcohol deaddiction. But you can easily overcome relapse moments when you strongly adhere to your quitting plan and guidelines with the help of pre-set positive environments and social groups.
  • Remember, unless you profoundly stick to sobriety, you cannot overcome your relapse into drinking.


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