How Alcohol Addiction Impacts Society?

January 5, 2024

Alcohol abuse has become a more serious and stronger social issue in the past few years. Increased liquor consumption among young adults accounts for a larger part of this concern. In addition, currently, we can see a greater growth in the rate at which an individual’s alcohol addiction creates a nuisance to society than was observed in the past, apart from his or her increased personal life consequences—mental and physical health deterioration. 

If you ask us questions like, ‘How alcohol addiction impacts Society?’, ‘What are the possible effects on people and children?’, etc., we cannot cover them in one article because there is so much to talk about. However, the top five issues are briefed here in this article. 

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Impacts of alcoholism: The top five issues

  1. Impact on legal aspects of society

The first and foremost impact of alcohol addiction is a legal issue. For example, ‘drinking and driving’ is one thing that can result in various legal problems like accidental damages, accusations owing to injuring other people, acts of violence, etc. In addition, the government has to allocate additional time and effort to handle the criminal justice for these individuals separately. As a whole, it’s an unnecessary loss of time, money, and effort for the people involved. 

  1. Impact on the social lives of people

Alcohol consumption affects every interpersonal relationship that a person may have. From family to friends, working partners, and acquaintances, all their lives will be impacted. Though people may be supportive in the initial phases, they will only end up neglecting the alcoholic in the end. Ultimately, you lose their affection and friendship.

According to the WHO, alcoholism causes early death and disability in people. Statistically, it accounts for ~13.5% of deaths in people with an age range of 20–39. In this case, the social status of the family is greatly disturbed. 

  1. Impact on children in society

There are two important ways in which this addiction affects children. One is child abuse due to an imbalance in the addict’s state of mind and body. The other is the false motivation that results in SUA (substance use addiction) problems in children. 

Surprisingly, some studies prove many other effects of alcoholism on children. One such is the higher rate of alcohol abuse among parents who have children (source: Social Work Public Health, 2013)

  1. Impact on financials

As per the ‘Centers for Disease Control’ (CDC), binge drinkers spend at least five thousand dollars every year. These numbers may look pathetic to you, but there is also another side to it—the healthcare expenses due to binge drinking. Several research studies claim that alcohol addiction may lead to severe health concerns like digestive diseases, diabetes, heart problems like stroke, psychiatric depression, cancer, etc. For instance, the United States’s state and federal government’s cost of alcoholism on these healthcare concerns accounts for 11%, which has a significant impact on society. 

  1. Impact on work and productivity

So far, we have seen how alcohol addiction impacts society, which is more of a one-way concern. With work, it is a two-way issue. The cycle goes like this: adults drink to overcome their work stress, and this in turn affects their performance and productivity the next day. A 2016 study conducted in a particular city in India reveals that 1/3 of people began their alcohol consumption before 20 years of age and the reason for this is their work stress or tiredness. 

Alcohol Deaddiction: The need of the hour

With these many different ways of impacting society, alcohol addiction can be tackled only with the help of alcohol deaddiction treatment and its awareness among people. Without a proper de-addiction program or rehabilitation, the well-being of the affected individual, surrounding people, and society cannot be improved. Contac​​t the leading alcohol and drug de-addiction center in Coimbatore at +9198434 60660.

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