How to manage your anxiety?

April 22, 2024

Anxiety is one of the most commonly faced mental health concerns in this fast paced and stressful world. We all would have experienced anxiety at least once in our life.  Beginning from worrying about the next day's exam or a big presentation, anxiety has the power to influence the actions of your daily life. Sometimes anxiety can help us to deal with stressful situations but, most of the time people fail to manage their anxiety. As a result it disrupts their daily actions and well-being. But when your anxiety stays for a longer period or occurs often, it becomes a problem and that is your sign to consult a psychiatrist. At Naveen Hospital we have credible in-house expertise– our experienced and well-trained professionals in Coimbatore help people suffering from anxiety or various other psychiatric problems. We approach individual care through the lens of holistic treatment and recovery, we are passionate about healing both the hearts and the minds.

Understanding your anxiety is an effective way to manage it. Each person has their own way to calm their anxiety. Some might listen to their favourite music or take a short nap to cope with their anxiety. In this blog, we will see some effective techniques to manage your anxiety and prevent them from disturbing your daily functioning.

1. Journaling

Journaling your thoughts and feelings in any form can be a powerful way to cope with anxiety. Journaling your thoughts provides a freedom to express without any fear of judgement. Maintaining the records of your thoughts and moods can help in understanding your anxiety better. It also provides clarity about the problems and creates self awareness about what you are going through.

2. Physical exercises

Our body plays a major role in managing anxiety. Often our body reacts to anxiety even before our mind does. Even though anxiety may seem like a mental health concern, physically being relaxed and hydrated can help as a relief from anxiety. Basic physical care like keeping yourself hydrated and taking a good sleep is very important when you are facing anxiety concerns. Taking at least 20 minutes’ walk in the morning sunlight can help in elevating the mood of your day. Inhaling the fresh air and pairing it with your favourite exercises or yoga can help in managing your anxiety.

3. Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness is an art. Mindfulness can act as a friend who will calm your anxiety down and accept them without judgement. For a fact that this friend is from within you. Mindfulness is paying close attention to your thoughts and feelings. This will let you recognise the thoughts without getting overwhelmed. This can be done through meditation. Sometimes even a calm walk or doing your favourite hobby like drawing or listening to music can give you a sense of mindfulness.

4. Avoid substance use

Usage of alcohol or Tobacco products can worsen the anxiety by increasing the severity of the symptoms. It can create a chemical imbalance in the brain which in turn can affect you with negative consequences. Therefore avoiding any form of substance use can help in managing your anxiety effectively. Some might drink alcohol or smoke a cigarette to avoid feeling anxious but, in the long run it will turn into a serious health issue and a problem on its own.

5. Using grounding techniques

When you are preparing for your final exams and you notice that you're very close to the exam date and you get anxious about how you are going to write the exam. Suddenly your body starts to react, creating difficulty to breathe and your heart trying to beat as fast as possible. Now in these types of situations, you have a technique to bring anxiety into control.

Try locating 5 objects you can see, Now touch and feel any 4 objects like pen, file or whatever that is in your reach, then listen to 3 sounds around you, after that find 2 things to smell for example perfume smell or smell of a floor cleaner, finally find any 1 thing that you can taste, mostly like a candy.

This is called a grounding technique to keep you present in the moment and helps to divert your anxiety.

Trying and following any of these steps can help you manage your anxiety. There are many tools and resources available to help overcome the challenges of anxiety. Some of them are listed here like mindfulness practices and relaxation techniques. Managing anxiety will not remove all stressors or stop you from experiencing anxious thoughts. It will give self-awareness and coping skills to respond to challenges in a healthy and adaptive way.

It is also important to seek professional help and develop a strong support network when it gets out of hand. Remember that you're not alone and there's always a chance for a better tomorrow.

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