Understanding and Overcoming Anxiety

We strive to assist people on their journey to overcome anxiety, offering guidance alongside compassionate experts and a supportive community at our treatment center in Coimbatore.

Anxiety and Panic attacks : Know When to Seek Help

Naveen helps you navigate anxiety, offering support and guidance. From recognizing symptoms to managing panic attacks, Naveen is your ally in regaining control.

Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal human emotion experienced by everyone, often triggered by situations such as exams, doctor visits, job interviews, or starting a new job.

Anxiety typically manifests as feelings of tension, uncertainty, and fear, especially when facing challenging situations.

Anxiety - When to Seek Help

Persistent anxiety can hinder your ability to concentrate and focus on your daily tasks, potentially affecting job performance.

If anxiety becomes a permanent and overwhelming feeling, it can lead to a sense of vulnerability and loss of control over life.

Recognizing the symptoms of an anxiety disorder is crucial, and seeking a suitable anxiety treatment program can be essential for regaining control and well-being.

Understanding Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are the body's response to fear, excitement, pressure, or stress.

They involve a gradual onset of overwhelming sensations, such as a racing heart, excessive sweating, dizziness, chest pains, nausea, difficulty breathing, a feeling of losing control, shaky limbs, and even legs giving out.

Panic Attack - When to Seek Help

if you experience panic attacks characterized by intense fear, a sense of losing control, or fear of a cardiac arrest, it's essential to recognize the signs and seek help.

Panic attacks can occur suddenly and worsen within ten minutes, often lasting between 5 and 20 minutes, sometimes without warning.

Identifying the triggers for severe anxiety and panic attacks

With Naveen you can recognize the triggers of severe anxiety and panic attacks which can be an essential step toward providing personalized support and comprehensive treatment.

Depressing Events

Traumatic or distressing life events can contribute to severe anxiety and panic attacks.

Past Regrets and Failures

Unresolved past regrets, failures, or disappointments may intensify anxiety symptoms.


Co-occurring depression can worsen anxiety and lead to severe panic attacks.

Lifestyle Habits

Unhealthy habits like excess sugar, caffeine, poor diet & irregular eating habits worsen anxiety.

Substance Use

The use of drugs or alcohol can contribute to anxiety disorders and panic attacks.


Childhood experiences and upbringing can play a role in the development of anxiety disorders.

Medication Side Effects

Some medications may have side effects that trigger or worsen anxiety.

Genetic Predisposition

Modern theories suggest that genetic factors can contribute to a propensity for anxious behavior.

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