Supporting Individuals Living with Schizoprenia

Our hospital offers comprehensive care, support, and specialised treatment options for individuals living with schizophrenia on their path to recovery and well-being.

How can Naveen Hospital  help you?

We specialise in Schizophrenia treatment at Naveen Hospital. Our comprehensive approach includes evidence-based therapies, personalised care plans, and a compassionate team dedicated to your recovery and well-being.

Experienced Schizophrenia therapists

Our team of seasoned therapists specializes in treating schizophrenia, providing the essential support and guidance needed for effective recovery.

Assertive community support

We offer a robust network of community support to empower individuals in their journey towards healing, ensuring they have the backing they need.

Exclusive monitoring team

Our dedicated monitoring team keeps a watchful eye on progress, making certain that each person's recovery is closely tracked and optimized.

Dedicated psychiatric Doctors

With our committed team of psychiatric doctors, we provide expert medical care and attention, playing a pivotal role in patients' recovery.

Equipped rehabilitation centre

Our state-of-the-art rehabilitation center is well-equipped to facilitate comprehensive recovery, offering the necessary resources and environment for healing.

Medical counsellors

Our experienced medical counselors play a crucial role in guiding individuals towards recovery, offering professional assistance every step of the way.

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