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Understanding symptoms of Depression

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Manic Episodes

Mania and manic episodes characterize high levels of excitement, euphoria, and boundless energy within a specific timeframe. Unfortunately, these episodes can disrupt normal life, affecting work, school, and personal relationships. Mania represents a fundamental aspect of bipolar disorder, and its symptoms can encompass rapid speech, reduced sleep, impaired judgment, and various other manifestations.

Impacts of Manic Episodes

Once a manic episode subsides, individuals often grapple with the repercussions of their impulsive actions. The intense energy experienced during mania may lead to the acceptance of unrealistic commitments and responsibilities, which may ultimately prove unmanageable.

Depressive Episodes

Depression can be an incredibly challenging emotional state to confront. Those affected may experience feelings of hopelessness, emotional emptiness, overwhelming guilt, and even contemplate suicide. Everyday activities become arduous during depressive episodes, and individuals may struggle to seek support from friends and family, deepening their sense of loneliness and isolation.

Frequency & Length of Episodes:

The frequency and duration of bipolar episodes can vary significantly from person to person. Manic episodes typically endure for approximately 2 weeks to 4-5 months. In contrast, depressive episodes tend to persist for longer periods, often around 6 months. These episodes fluctuate in both frequency and length, with varying intervals of stability in between.

Understanding symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Naveen helps individuals experiencing manic episodes in bipolar disorder by providing expert care and support.

Substance misuse

Impaired judgment

Heightened sexual drive

Experiencing excessive euphoria

Restlessness, anxiety, and irritability

Rapid speech and racing thoughts

Difficulty focusing and fuzzy thinking

Increased energy and reduced sleep

An inflated sense of importance

Excessive and extravagant spending

Aggressive or risky behavior

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