Why Should You Consider Seeing a Psychiatrist?

February 16, 2024

If you’re a person considering seeing a psychiatrist as a shameful or embarrassing activity, sorry to say this, you’re on the wrong path. Ideally, there shouldn’t be any sort of shame or humiliation because psychiatrists are specialized doctors or physicians who can help overcome your mental illnesses, if any. 

As a matter of fact, you have to boast about consulting a psychiatrist, even for the smallest of mental illnesses. We know that a problem understood is half solved. Similarly, one conversation with a psychiatrist is equivalent to solving half of your mental problem. Kudos to those who have already tried to diagnose or solve their mental problems by reaching out to or booking an appointment with a psychiatrist.

What does a psychiatrist do? 

Primarily, a psychiatrist is a medical doctor who listens to you, your symptoms, your previous history of mental disorders, etc., and performs a medical, physical, and psychological examination to diagnose the underlying mental illness. Based on the diagnosis, they prescribe medications or suggest appropriate therapies for recovery. 

On this note, we, at Naveen Hospital, would like to clarify the differences between a therapist and a psychiatrist. Click here to read more!

Major types of Psychiatrists that you need to know

1. Based on the age

   a. Children Psychiatrist

   b. Adult Psychiatrist

   c. Geriatric Psychiatrist (>60 years)

2. Based on the scenario or problem 

   a. Addiction psychiatry (Alcohol or SUD)

   b. Perinatal psychiatry (Pregnancy-related)

   c. Forensic Psychiatrist

Tips for choosing the right (good) psychiatrist >>>

Signs that tell you when to see a Psychiatrist

  • Feel extreme emotions, like overwhelmed, devastated, staggered, surprised, etc
  • You feel symptoms on your own, like a mental health disorder or addiction
  • Having continuous problems with sleeping
  • Experience emotional outbursts in public
  • Depend more upon alcohol or substances for peace of mind
  • Suffer from severe chest pain or chronic illnesses all of a sudden
  • Find life challenging with phobias, pain, suicidal thoughts, etc
  • Having problems with memory 
  • Feel more negative vibrations

Anything relatable? After all, most of us do not know what problems we have or how stable our mental health is. So, have no second thoughts and strongly consider seeing a psychiatrist if you feel any of these symptoms. Book an appointment with a psychiatrist now >>>

The top five reasons to see a Psychiatrist

  1. To control your emotions 

Controlling one's emotions is challenging and serves as a godfather to any action or reaction. Once you get a hold of your emotions, you can control the way you talk, smile, act, or react to people. This solves almost 90% of problems in life. With addicted or mentally ill people, this is not going to happen without the intervention of a psychiatrist. 

  1. To blend with the social life

Individuals who have withdrawn themselves from social life and relationships definitely need psychiatrists to restart and pursue happiness and peace in life.   

  1. Recover from addiction

Psychiatrists can do wonders when it comes to diagnosing and confirming if you’re addicted to alcohol or any substance. In fact, they help you cope with addiction and begin your journey of recovery. 

  1. Get rid of anxiety or stress

Of course, anxiety, stress, or depression thoughts can keep you wide awake at night and make you sleepy during the day. This hinders your sleep patterns and morning routine, thereby affecting your whole quality of life. So, get the help of a psychiatrist and sort out your problem with anxiety, depression, or stress. 

  1. Enjoy good and sound sleep

Though insomnia can cause disturbed sleep, there are pieces of evidence that suggest disturbed sleep causes insomnia. Likewise, these issues are related to obesity or overweight individuals. Thus, it is always best to consult a psychiatrist and then continue with the medications or therapies suggested.    


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