Why Mental Rehabilitation Centres are The Need of The Hour?

August 8, 2022

The world is a prison, goes an old adage. And it’s the mentally troubled man himself who has made his life a living hell. Blame his mental faculties for that. Yet, there are many living right among us—in our family, neighborhood or vicinity—who suffer from persistent and severe mental illness. Yes, they need mental health care–and that too at the earliest. Therefore, the goal of a mental health professional is to help the mentally troubled individuals to develop social, emotional and intellectual skills needed to carry out daily activities with zero to less intervention from mental health professionals.

Naveen Mental Hospital is a leading Mental rehabilitation centre in Coimbatore whose mental health care program consists of two stages. The first phase involves an individual-centered approach and is aimed at building the skills of the patient so as to interact effectively with a stressful environment. The secondary strategy aims to reduce potential stressors that individuals undergoing severe mental conditions encounter. The integration of these two approaches has been effectual and fruitful over the long haul. In addition, we follow a set of basic and effective principle that forms the core of every treatment program.

  1. Offering a sense of hope when the client is left with no hope
  2. Fully entitling the client
  3. Educating the patient on his/her health
  4. Accentuating the significance to form social support circles

Our Mental Health Care Principles

There are certain principles that, we, at Naveen Mental Hospital, as a Mental rehabilitation centre, follow to guide individuals working in this area approach their various work-related activities. Below are some of the principles:

1. Every individual has potential than can be harnessed and developed

  1. People are entitled to self-determination
  2. The stress is on the individual’s strength instead of the symptoms
  3. Every person’s needs are unique and different
  4. Professional services must be rendered and committed and carried out normally in the ideal environment as possible
  5. Enhanced focus on a social model of health care, contrary to a medical model
  6. It centers on the present as opposed to fixation on the past.

Now, you may give a hard thought about which medium you can adopt to drive these principles. This is why Naveen Mental Hospital, a trusted mental rehabilitation center, is focused on offering patients a holistic approach. Its efforts are also centered on difficulties a patient may encounter after moving out into real life. Therefore, our mental rehabilitation centre facilitates treatments taking the real-world issues into consideration. This is the fundamental reason why our mental rehabilitation center provides services based on the complexities of mental health.

Some of the most important psychiatric rehabilitation services that can replicate the strategic principles mentioned above include psychiatric, health and medical, housing, basic living skills, vocational and/or educational, social, financial and community and legal.

Our services at our mental rehabilitation centre are significant in terms of the outcomes it can generate in the life of an individual undergoing severe mental illness. Our mental health services not only guarantee accessibility, effectiveness and trust, but also make a marked difference in the lives of our patients. Our mental health therapist will introduce skills and techniques to our clients, while also monitor the outcome at the same time. To conclude, we not only aim to improve social contacts and activity but also enhance the quality of life and self-esteem of our clients as part of the rehabilitation process. If you’re looking for the best Mental rehabilitation centre in Coimbatore, don’t search any further than Naveen. We’re just a click away.

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