How to Beat Alcohol Cravings?

May 5, 2023

The fear of alcohol addicts after they cut on alcohol is their relapse. And alcohol cravings are the primary reason for relapse to occur. So, once you know how to avoid alcohol cravings, you’re safe!

Also, there lies a common myth that if you experience frequent alcohol cravings, it means you’re already suffering from alcohol use disorder (AUD). No, not at all! Please try to understand that only continued binge drinking will lead to such a disorder. Therefore a person experiencing cravings after cutting down on his alcohol does not mean you’ve AUD.

What are Alcohol Cravings?

Alcohol cravings are nothing but short wave-like impulses that distract you from drinking alcohol. In most cases, these cravings are predictable and avoidable.

Once you understand how cravings originate and learn how to handle them, you can come out of the vicious cycle of cravings, relapse, and abuse.

How Do Alcohol Cravings Originate?

Dopamine is a compound that’s responsible for your persistence. Be it good or bad, it helps you retain your persistence and perseverance.

Now, when you consume alcohol in order to feel pleasure, your brain prepares to release this dopamine. And fixes the goal that you can experience pleasure by drinking more. On the contrary, when you stop consuming alcohol, this dopamine will start creating impulses to drink alcohol to achieve the same pleasure. In addition, the glutamate system in your body adds fuel to the fire and changes the behavior of your brain. These series of actions stimulate you to crave pleasure i.e. alcohol.

Five Tips To Beat Alcohol Cravings:

Follow these five tips for resisting alcohol cravings and stop drinking alcohol:

  1. Know your alcohol triggers and start avoiding them
  2. Socialize with people who are high in sobriety
  3. Start habituating regular mental rejuvenation
  4. Eat foods that help you fight alcohol cravings
  5. Undergo an alcohol deaddiction program

Know your alcohol triggers and start avoiding them

Alcohol craving triggers are majorly classified into two types viz internal and external. Internal triggers are urges, emotions, feelings, irritation, thoughts, pain, etc that arises out of your mind and body. External triggers arouse from the external environment or people. For example place, situation, things, etc.

Practically you can avoid these triggers in various ways and live a life without alcohol.

  • Restraining yourself from visiting places like bars, clubs, parties, and restaurants where you usually drink.
  • Disconnect from friends or people with whom you booze regularly
  • Distract yourself when you feel stressed, anxious, or angry at someone at home or work

Socialize with people who are high in sobriety

Try to engage with your family or friends who are high in sobriety. They will not only motivate you to overcome alcohol cravings but wake up your mind, body, and soul.

Start habituating to regular mental rejuvenation

Without mental stability and control, you cannot escape your cravings. So start practicing your mind toward positivity and mindfulness. Also, keep iterating in your mind the ill effects of alcohol abuse and the consequences that you faced so far. This will prepare your brain to not react to unwanted dopamine stimulations.

Eat foods that help you fight alcohol cravings

As we saw earlier, dopamine is the active compound in inducing your alcohol cravings. Did you know, what actually boosts such dopamine? The sugar content in alcohol. Yes, they boost dopamine secretion and do all the harm to your brain function. So, firstly, stop eating foods that are rich in sugar.

Secondly, you can plan a healthy diet that’s rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Undergo an alcohol deaddiction program

Talk to a therapist or psychiatrist about your cravings and seek help for treating alcoholism. A customized deaddiction program or addiction therapy can help you with permanent sobriety without relapse or cravings. Wait no further! Reach out to the best addiction treatment centre near you!

Last Piece of Advice

We hope, by now, you know how to beat alcohol cravings. Here is our last piece of advice for you.

Always keep yourself engaged in sobriety, a healthy lifestyle, and morale!

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