Can Drug Addiction Be Cured?

July 6, 2023

Substance-use addiction (SUA) is a mental disorder that arises out of a protracted addiction to using or consuming drugs. As a result, the individual’s brain gets accustomed to changes in behavior and is disabled to control further drug abuse.

With the help of proper, therapist- or psychiatrist-guided addiction treatment, the addict can quickly gain quality abstinence. With prolonged and permanent discipline, the relapse is totally eliminated, and the individual attains enduring sobriety. This implies that drug addiction is treatable. In other words, control measures can help effectively manage drug addiction. But, if you ask, can drug addiction be cured? That’s indeed a question of debate, as we don’t cure addiction; rather, we treat it.

In treating Drug Addiction, Why is Managing Relapse Important?

Most cases where people lose abstinence are when they experience relapse after their drugs deaddiction therapy. According to the NIH, a particular study revealed that the relapse rates for substance use addiction are similar to the relapse rates of other issues like high blood pressure and asthma. This clearly shows how relapse has become common.

With drug addiction, a sign of repeated relapse ends up in an all-new de-addiction program for the affected individual. Because, if untreated, the relapse can lead to deadly behavioral changes. Thus, some experts call effective relapse control the cure for drug or substance use addiction.

Different Ways to Overcome Relapse and Attain Sobriety

Live Support System

Live support systems are nothing but groups or communities that are currently undergoing similar de-addiction therapies. By keeping in touch with these groups, one patient can learn from others the different techniques to overcome relapse. Also, the progress made by one individual can motivate others to expedite their recovery and stop using drugs.

Undergoing an inpatient rehabilitation program is one way to constantly keep in touch with these live (life) support systems.

Another support system is the group of already recovered individuals. And certainly, they are the right resources for you to seek help from. When they share their relapse-overcoming experiences, it can be enlightening and optimistic for you and help you improve.

Regular Therapy Sessions

Nobody knows how and when stressful or addiction-inducing situations occur in life after your treatment. It may arise when you go out with your office colleagues or attend a weekend party. So, to permanently resist relapse in these unexpected situations, one must have maximum control over their mind and body. To achieve this, you have to do only one thing, i.e., undergo regular therapy sessions. Only this can save you from breaking the chain of sobriety. And also prevent your cravings from getting you addicted to drugs again and again.


Usually, in the drug de-addiction program, therapists recommend patients consult psychiatrists for medication. Because medications are one great way to detoxify the physical body after severe drug abuse or use of drugs. Also, therapists believe that therapy can become more effective and fruitful when the body is detoxified. But make it clear that medications are not the only treatment or cure for drug addiction. Only medication combined with customized therapy or rehabilitation can lead to effective addiction treatment.

When these four different ways are practiced, any drug-abusing individual can overcome his or her relapse and attain abstinence and sobriety for years to come.

Naveen Deaddiction Center, Coimbatore

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