Addiction Treatment Centre and In-patient Benefits

December 5, 2022

The Need for Addiction Rehab Center

Currently, India is experiencing a huge rise in the number of addicts. Did you know? Above ten crore people in India are drug users. Above five crore people are alcohol addicted already. Shockingly, in 2020, 9,169 people were dead out of suicide. The major causes were drug and alcohol addiction.

With this pace of addiction rates, how people are going to live peacefully in the country? It brings the need for addiction treatment centres spread wide across the country.

In-patient Benefits at Addiction Treatment Centre

Individuals who need immediate deaddiction support from a rehab center become residential patients. The reasons why these addicts wanted residential treatment from rehab centres may be:

  • They cannot take care of themselves anymore
  • They have completely lost control
  • Their family members cannot take care going forward

Now, only addiction treatment centres can come to their rescue. And the residential or in-patients can enjoy valuable benefits from these centres. Some of the important benefits include:

1. Long term rehabilitation

  1. For a person severely addicted to drugs or alcohol, it takes at least 8-20 months for a complete recovery.
  2. In long-term rehabilitation, patients become residential at the deaddiction centre for years.
  3. Only then, a comprehensive and intense treatment is possible.
  4. Also, the treatment centre will not look like a hospital. So, the in-patient will not feel any discomfort staying there for a longer period.
  5. Unless the inpatient is good to lead his/her life on their own, the long-term rehab program shall not end.
  6. Based on the progress in recovery, the program gets altered. This way, addicted individuals assure 100% recovery.

More reasons why should you choose a long-term rehab program?

2. Close psychiatry care and support

  1. In-patients receive close and frequent attention from Psychiatrists and doctors
  2. In the case of violent behavior with some people, the centre can easily take control of the situation.
  3. Treatment programs get customized and the observation or review happens every single day.
  4. Flexible counseling sessions with a preference for one-on-one sessions
  5. Holistic treatment with the help of expert Psychiatrists, specialists, fitness experts, etc
  6. The center can perform the clinical analysis at their convenient times. Most treatment centres have in-house authorized laboratories.
  7. Medical consultants in the field of Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Neurology, etc often visit the centers.

3. Avoid permanent relapse

  1. Relapse is an important reason why people rely upon deaddiction centers.
  2. There are more chances of relapse when the patient is not permanently relieved from addiction.
  3. Many deaddiction programs including short-term treatment are quick. But does not help you overcome addictions on a permanent note.
  4. For a permanent recovery, the treatment has to affect both physical and mental health.
  5. Unless the treatment connects emotionally to the patient, there is no permanent solution. Relapses are bound to happen.

4. Improved over-all wellbeing

i. An in-patient at an addiction treatment centre can utilize the benefits from:

  • Motivational workshops
  • Personality development programs
  • Yoga and other fitness teachings
  • Detoxification programs
  • Community or social skill development activities
  • Music, Drama, and other art form workshops
  • Diet and nutrition-related courses
  • Spiritual connectivity sessions
  • Mental wellness programs
  • Indoor and outdoor games
  • Peer helping and learning
  • Introduction to support groups

ii. In-patients at these treatment centres experience both physical and mental transformation by the end of the treatment.

iii. With this overall well-being, they can lead an all-new life and never get addicted again to drugs, alcohol, or any substance.

Here are five effective ways to overcome drug addiction

How Can In-patients Expedite Addiction Recovery at These Treatment Centres?

Expedition of addiction recovery is a possible mission provided the patients give their fullest support.

Yes, it is in the hands of the in-patients and their family to cooperate. They need to stick to the guidelines, regulations, & after-care recommendations by the de-addiction center.

Benefits of Inpatient Addiction Treatment at Naveen Hospital

Naveen hospital is a legacy addiction care and rehabilitation services provider in Coimbatore. They have two treatment centres viz Thudiyalur and Sulur.
The Thudiyalur rehabilitation centre is at the heart of the city. The amenities include:

  • Well-maintained 60-bedded premises
  • Long-term rehabilitation or addiction treatment
  • Authorized, trained, and experienced psychologists, doctors, and nurses

The Sulur rehabilitation centre is a farmhouse-type treatment centre. The amenities include:

  • Hygienic 85-bedded premises
  • Home-cooked meals for in-patients
  • 24/7 Individualized care

Comprehensive psychiatric support throughout the de-addiction cycle is a specialty of Naveen hospital. They also provide violet patient care services for varied forms of addiction.For appointments and inquiries, click here!

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