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I have visited many centers for Alchohol De-addiction treatment in the past from Chennai to Bangalore. The friendly manner of the staff combined with the welcoming, homely atmosphere at Naveen Hospital has made my experience far superior to others. I am very satisfied with the treatment and confident that I can live an alchohol - free life in the future. They have helped me get back to the bases with my family and given me a new lease of life. Thank you!

- Mr.R.Suresh, Chennai.

I was suffering from Psychosis for many years with no help from the treatments taken for many years. I neglected my work and family. I was treated and cured by the the late Dr. A.L.R.Gopalakrishnan, founder of Naveen Hospital many years ago. I have not hesitated to come back for advice when I feel unwell as I trust the institution like a second home.       I am running a successful business and happy to be where     I am today.

- Mr.S.Sridhar, Coimbatore.

I was addicted to alchohol to a great extent when I first came to Naveen Hospital for help. They made me realize my wrong choices during the course of treatment.
Many thanks to the hospital, doctors and staff for giving me a new life and a future by bringing me out of the addiction.

- M.Parameshwaran, Kangeyam.

The treatment provided by the doctors was exceptional. The nursing staff were available 24/7 with smiling faces and took good care of me. There is a great deal of consideration and respect given to the patient's feelings. I felt at home during the stay at the hospital.

- R.Chitra, Coimbatore.

The family and relationship counseling treatment that I received at Naveen Hospital has enabled me to get used to the everyday nuances of married life and helped me overcome the hurdles with confidence. I am very thankful for their support.

- Geetha Nair, Erode.

Naveen Hospital provides the care and cure for people who suffer from mental stress of today's fast life. I am pleased at the service oriented approach and very satisfied with the results of the treatment taken here. The nursing staff are very kind, helpful and considerate to patients.

- S.Manikandan, Ooty.