Naveen Hospital
Hospital for Mental Health & Deaddiction
20 years of Dedicated Service
                                    Naveen Hospital
                      Trichy Road, Raja Nagar
                          Coimbatore - 641 028

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  • Dr.K.Radhakrishnan M.B.B.S.,D.P.M
    • Practicing psychiatric medicine for the last 30 years from 1979 in various hospitals and educational institutions.

  • Dr.C.R.Rajendran M.B.,D.P.M.,
    • Practicing medicine for the last 26 years from 1984 in various institutions as general physician, consultant physician and consultant psychiatrist.
  • Dr.C.Christopher Maridass ., M.D(Gen.Med).,D.M.(NEURO)
Clinical Psychologist
  • Mrs.R.SathyaSundari.,M.A.,M.Phil.,
Staff Nurses

Nurses take a holistic approach to patient care.They look at the total person, including physical, emotional,psychosocial & spiritual needs.They perform important roles like patient advocate and act as inter disciplinary team members.

Social Workers

Social workers provide therapeutic interventions like interaction skills, social skills, group behaviour skills, family interventions and therapy of different types. They performs psychosocial assessments of the patients and provide psycho-education & counseling services to the caregivers.